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Welcome to “Let’s Talk about Education with Antonio Corrales”

Weekly conversations with successful educators around the world about highly

interesting topics for parents, students, and educators. Enjoy, stay tuned, and please share!

 De España a Texas - Administrador educativo en USA

Director of Bilingual/ESL Education - Dr. Pilar Moreno-Recio

Dr. Pilar Moreno-Recio Video - Spanish

Dr. Pilar Moreno-Recio Video - English

Dr. Pilar Moreno-Recio Podcast - Spanish

Dr. Pilar Moreno-Recio Podcast - English

    Latest and Innovative Cancer Treatment - Dr. Eric Walser

Dr. Eric Walser Video

Dr. Eric Walser Podcast

 Como ser maestro en Texas desde otro país - Carmen Young

Carmen Young Video

Carmen Young Podcast

 De Colombia a Texas - Rafael Esteban

Rafael Esteban Video

Rafael Esteban Podcast

De Venezuela a Texas - Paola Pernalette

Paola Pernalette Video

Paola Pernalette Podcast

CEO of SUPERGirlsSHINE Foundation - Loretta Williams Gurnell

Loretta's Video

Loretta's Podcast

Flipped Instruction - Ellen Akers

Ellen Akers Video

Ellen Akers Podcast

Urban Middle School Principal - Nelda Billescas

Nelda Billescas Video

Nelda Billescas Podcast

Principals’ Induction Programs - Dr. Eric D. Tingle

Dr. Eric Tingle Video

Dr. Eric Tingle Podcast

Strategic Marketing and Communication - Kayla Orton

Kayla Orton Video

Kayla Orton Podcast

HR administrator and TASPA President - Dr. Sundie Dahlkamp

Dr. Sundie Dahlkamp Video

Dr. Sundie Dahlkamp Podcast

Lead4ward and Data Analysis - Cristin Hickman Ledbetter

Cristin Hickman Ledbetter Video

Cristin Hickman Ledbetter Podcast

Administrators at Community Colleges - Dr. Kris Kimbark

Dr. Kimbark Video

Dr. Kimbark Podcast

Art Education - Joan Finn

Joan Finn Video 

Cultivating Happiness in Schools - Jacqui Antonetti

Jacqui Antonetti Video

President of the Alvin Community College - Dr. Christal Albreicht

Dr. Christal Albreicht Video

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Assessment - Dr. Debora Ortloff

Dr. Debora Ortloff Video

College & Career Readiness - Tony Corrales

Tony Corrales Video

Director of Upward Bound and TRIO Programs - Ciro Reyes

Ciro Reyes Video

Media Arts Coach/Lead Audio Video Production Teacher - Mike Dudas

Mike Dudas Video

 Texas Community Watershed - Charriss York

Charriss York Video

 Kids U Canada - Cognitive Learning at Early Ages

Anil Karim & Faisal Alimohd Founders of Kids U Early Childhood Centers

Kids U Video

VP of Instruction at the Alvin Community College - Dr. Cyndi Griffith

Dr. Cyndi Griffith Video

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