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STEM Education – Teaming Up!

What is STEM?

STEM education is a curriculum based on the premise of educating students in four specific disciplines, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

Why STEM?  

  • Of the 1.89 million bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2014-2015, only 16% of them were in STEM degree fields.
  • Of those, STEM degrees were awarded to 64.9% male, 35.1% female, 67.9% White, 7.5% African-American, and 8.8% Hispanic/Latino graduates.
  • STEM occupations are projected to grow by 17% from 2008 to 2018 compared to 9.8% growth for non-STEM occupations.
  • STEM workers command higher wages earning 26-50% more than their non-STEM counterparts.
  • STEM workers are also less likely to experience joblessness than their non-STEM counterparts.

Preparing Teachers and Kids for the Future

The Sterling team offers schools the opportunity to establish a STEM curriculum aligned with state and national career and college readiness standards. This curriculum is aligned with critical success factors and full of activities easy for teachers to implement, allowing students to work in R&D teams with specific missions, creating projects, testing those projects, and connecting the dots with the state and national content. The Sterling team has several years of experience developing and implementing STEM education across schools in partnership with universities, educational foundations, and renown institutions such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Teacher Resources

Student Videos

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