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Increasing Academic Performance

Help your students excel by implementing the instructional practices prepared by Sterling Evaluation and Assessment. Whether your institution is a public, private, or chartered one, you can trust us to guide you in realizing student achievement goals and overall organization performance aligned to the state accountability system.

Sterling Evaluation and Assessment utilizes a team approach. Our staff is comprised of members with expertise in all aspects of campus and district or charter operations. Working with your staff, we create or assist in the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of individualized turnaround plans that include the following:

  • Strategic Sales and Marketing for Educational Programs
  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Structure Support
  • Effective Leadership Practices
  • T-Test Training of Trainers (TOT) Certified
  • Program Evaluations/Grant writing
  • Curriculum Audits
  • Flipped Instruction
  • Data Disaggregation and Student Progress Monitoring
  • Teacher On-Going Professional Development
  • Needs Assessment Evaluation
  • Campus Turnaround Plan Development, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Curriculum Standards and Instructional Alignment
  • Intervention Programs for Student Success
  • Deconstruction of State Curriculum Standards for Instructional Planning
  • Effective Lesson Design Protocol and Delivery
  • Lesson Alignment for Rigor and Authentic Student Products
  • Federal/State Grant Application, Monitoring, and Compliance Reporting
  • Interventions to Meet State Ratings
  • Instructional Materials Support
  • Strategies for Integrating Technology into your Lesson Plans
  • Public Relations and Media Communications
  • Financial Strategies Aligned to Student Needs and State Compliance
  • Strategies to Increase Graduation Rates
  • Board Members Training: Policies and Procedures
  • Assist Parents Navigate the Educational System: K-12/Post-Secondary  
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